PROYTEC – founded in 2011 as a Management Company, a global consulting and assistance company in the sectors of infrastructure, construction, energy, natural resources – has, over time, expanded its original objectives and activities to become a company capable of Help and accompany entrepreneurs and companies interested in new markets and to provide advice and assistance for internationalization, developing new services

PROYTEC, has the support of Professionals and Technicians of diverse disciplines, therefor it has undergone a period of re-structuring, that implied, among others, corporate changes with the addition of new resources on the part of companies that were born of its initiative, PROYTEC PANAMA Corp. and today is a leader in integral consultancy and the provision of high quality services in various sectors.

PROYTEC offers to the most demanding clients a network of correspondents in the World (lawyers, accountants and other professionals) ready to provide the necessary assistance and, with registered office in Caracas, Venezuela, can provide all the information and all those services that would not be Possible to give, propose and promote legally if the Company were European or American.


All this with the stated objective: our customers have to pay taxes as little as possible, and must have the greatest possible safety guarantees.