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PROYTEC has a wide and recognized national and international financial support for the development of programs and projects, and lead to companies to obtain credit.


With the support of PROYTEC PANAMA Corp. , they can also count on Venture Capital, Private Equity interventions performed by Accredited Financial Companies and Investment Funds, or develop a Structured Finance project suitable for the client

National financing must be seen in the field of banking regulations and financial regulations of the different countries, and followed by national banking regulations.


International financing can be obtained through bilateral agreements between companies or guarantees negotiated between national and international banks, in accordance with international financial terms and conditions.

It is possible to obtain financial resources for the development of projects and for the growth and consolidation of any activity. Start projects can also be considered.


The restrictions in the granting of bank credit can be overcome by using Venture Capital and Private Equity or Structured Finance Projects, which is the best solution for an entrepreneur or a company that seeks to promote a project and raise funds in the international capital markets, through the establishment of an Investment Fund, the financial resources necessary for the development of the project.