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With the support of PROYTEC PANAMA Corp. and in partnerships with leading economists and lawyers specialized in the global financial sector, PROYTEC can offer selected clients access to High Performance Programs: Private Placements Programs (Private Placements Programs – PPP) or High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP).

The Private Placement Program (PPP) or the High Performance Investment Program (HYIP) are private programs based on the placement of banks’ financial instruments, notably Medium Term Notes (MTN).

These instruments can be purchased at the time of issue (Fresh Cut) with a significant discount of the face value and resell them almost immediately at a higher price in the secondary market.

The difference between the selling price and the purchase price is the profit to be distributed between the investors and the operators.

This activity is carried out by accredited personnel (Traders), experts in the mandate to participate in the negotiation of the Bank Bonds, with extensive experience in the financial sector of investments in the “wholesale” market.

In the world the main and most recognized companies (Licensed Traders) that carry out this activity are seven.

These programs are only offered to customers with a high purchasing power and by law only Traders can execute them.

PROYTEC customers have the privilege of direct access to at least four of the world’s top seven Licensed Traders Platforms.

It is important to note that a significant portion of these gains should be allocated to humanitarian causes and to the financing of business projects.

Investors are guaranteed the monthly delivery of an information note from one of the most prestigious companies in the market (PwC, Deloitte or Ernst & Young), which details the traders’ transactions and the results Obtained until the moment of the writing.