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An international network of professionals, lawyers, economists, accountants, engineers, architects, technicians, financial and insurance consultants is able to evaluate and select International Business, propose, give all the advice and assistance necessary to deal with them and negotiate the conditions.

PROYTEC can also verify the conditions for access to financing, if there is interest of the clients to close a deal.

PROYTEC can support the entrepreneur and the company in all the stages in which an international agreement is developed and make available all the different professions, knowledge, instruments, contacts and services necessary to transform an opportunity and a desire in reality.

From the sale of entire territories, islands, boats, real estate, in addition to prestige, until the trade of gold, metals and precious stones, petroleum, raw materials commodities and other products, and the acquisition of companies and activities, PROYTEC may propose, advise, help and support the interested client.


For the realization of the business of a company PROYTEC can have the solution, for example, to advise, to accompany, to help and, why not, to participate.