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Walking abroad is not an easy task.

You may travel, but if the goal is to enter a new market, you need to know about customs, preferences and predispositions, potential competitors and possible alliances.

It´s also need to understand how to get in and how fast can do it.

It is also necessary to understand the ability of the entrepreneur and the company to adapt to the new select market.

In synthesis, it is necessary to go abroad to do a great work of study, analysis and preparation. The identification of the most appropriate market for the client until the development of the strategic plan with all the advisory services professional, legal, fiscal, administrative, accounting, organization, logistics and commercial according to the regulations of the various markets.

And there is more: abroad would be able to count on partners, customers, suppliers, professionals, employees and also often requires a specific logistics.

PROYTEC can offer everything, since it has qualified partners and professionals in many countries of the world: North America, Central America and South America, mainly but also in Eastern Europe, in some countries of Africa, China and the Middle East .

Practical, flexible, dedicated, efficient, precise and passionate professionals and technicians dedicated to work. PROYTEC can also accompany the entrepreneur to open a business abroad, advise the best opportunities in relation to the market, political, economic and fiscal, available to the client.