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Investing abroad can be very profitable if you are guided and advised by experienced professionals and above all if you establish some basis in any “Tax Haven“.

And if you want to start a business, you have to evaluate many variables and in any case you should always choose carefully the nation in which you are going to invest or to translate to start a business.

Lists of the best countries in which to invest and the best countries to move are added.

The two lists are different and are based on many different factors.

The classification of the countries where to invest and is determined by the political and economic conditions, the indexes of development and the consistency in the time of the favorable conditions.

For those countries in which it is desired to start an activity and then move it also takes into account variables such as quality of life, safety, geological factors typical of the area, climate and others.

In any case, the fiscal aspect has a great influence on these valuations.


Often, investors and savers invest following the “fashion” and often do so over options do not fit their situation since each choice of the use of their capital should be as personal as possible.


That said, it is worth noting that the only areas of the world where investment is desirable today, if profitability and favorable prospects are sought in the long term, are undoubtedly “Eastern Europe and Latin America”.


As for Asia, after a decade of gold rush, he realized that, the rate of growth was steadily reduced to align with that of Western European countries.


Africa continues to be a continent that, with the exception of some nation, lives on humanitarian aid and between continuous coups, for the permanent lack of infrastructure, low schooling and also high birth rates, a positive evolution can not be expected.


It is not possible to recommend the countries of the Middle East, although some of them have tried to “reinvent” themselves, such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai).


Climate, culture, religion and customs must be kept away from investors, partly because petroleum, the only source of wealth in these areas is not unlimited and since it is always being used in the world.




These countries have the great advantage of being far behind the countries of Western Europe and are sheltered from the richer nations.

This suggests that their economies grow more markedly than Western Europe, as it has so far, and will continue for years to ensure even better returns from any type of investment.

It can be said that Bulgaria and Romania are the first countries on the list.




The countries of Latin America have the same characteristics as the countries of Eastern Europe, because they are geographically strategic for the United States.

Some countries have to be excluded because of the political and economic conditions in which they are located, such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, but the special case is Cuba, including the latest advances in negotiations with United States. And where to invest in the sector tourism has given and continues to give good results, and Ecuador, which, although run by a socialist regime similar to that of the countries mentioned above, nevertheless, has a fully dollarized economy and enjoys this, as well as Stability, even an interesting development index.

There are decidedly very interesting countries like Brazil (although involved in a temporary crisis that could make it even more interesting in the foreseeable future), Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Then, we can not even rule out countries such as Panama, the Dominican Republic (mainly the tourism sector), Cuba and Costa Rica.




The Dominican Republic leads the list, followed by the Canary Islands (Spain), the Balearic Islands (Spain), the United States (mainly Florida), England and Panama.




The United States ranks first, followed by Brazil


At the top of all lists are the called “Tax Havens“, where taxes are zero, or almost, for companies that do not produce in the country and are very low for internal activities.


Then there are the “Free Trade Zones” or “Free Zones” and the ranking published in the annual “Doing Business” report of the World Bank places for almost always the same countries at the summit: Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark, South Korea, Norway, United States, England, Finland and Australia.


PROYTEC have on the collaboration of professionals able to direct and lead the client towards the most profitable foreign investment in relation to the country and the area in which it wishes to invest.


It is clear that each investment must also be evaluated in relation to the fiscal consequences that may result, it is often useful and convenient to have special ad hoc instruments constituted in any “Tax Haven“.


 Then for those who want to know about industrial initiatives can think seriously and determination in many “Free Zones”.


To give just one example, in the Manaus Free Trade Zone in Brazil, recently renewed for the next 50 years, in addition to the large multinationals have been installed countless small and medium enterprises founded by a large number of investors (inversionistas) and not It seems that the tendency is to decrease.


  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Cile
  • Colombia
  • Costarica
  • Cuba
  • Equador
  • Florida (USA)
  • England
  • Canary Islands
  • Malt
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Perù
  • Dominican Republic
  • Romania