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The purchase and sale of a Company is a strategic step that requires professional and management skills.

Even the evaluation of a company is a complex activity for all the factors that must be analyzed and properly considered.

The company, in fact, has the time when the complex of goods arranged is suitable in order that the company aims.

Thanks to professional procedures will come to a high selling price or a low purchase price, as the case may be, risks are avoided and opportunities are exploited.

It can buy and sell :

  • Companies, or “Companies in the paper”, constituted and registered;
  • Establishments, or facilities for the exercise of the company registered;
  • Companies, or businesses in operation.

The essential factors of the prior analysis for the purchase and sale of a company are: legal status, fiscal situation, economic and financial situation, market, industry, technology, employee situation, environmental sustainability, Business strategy, insurance coverage.

This list can be expanded or reduced in relation to the company, the industry, the general conditions of the offer.


PROYTEC is structured to provide ad hoc responses both in the purchase and sale of small and medium enterprises and in the development of ambitious projects for large companies and may also intervene in the identification of the necessary financial and credit instruments to complete the negotiation .

In the current economic situation, the opportunity to access financing has become strategic for the purchase and sale of companies.


PROYTEC may also intervene on the side of the Loans.