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The main services that PROYTEC offers:

Investments abroad, including real estate ;  Internationalization; Advice and assistance to High-performance Programs ; Processing, Project Financing and execution ; Corporate Loans ; Advice on International Business and related assistance ; Constitution of Companies, also offshore and anonymity ; Formation of Holdings and Trading Companies, also offshore and in anonymity ; Establishment of Banks and Insurance Companies, also offshore with the respective licenses ; Establishment of Gambling Management Companies  ; Creation of Foundations also offshore and anonymity ; Creation, transfer or domiciliation of Companies abroad ;  Advice on the  purchase and sale of Companies  and relative asistence; Indications for the Protection de Assets, including trust and fundations  ; Fiduciary services ; Adquisition of Permits, Licences y Authorizations ; Registration of  Names, Tradremarks and Patents ; Adquisition of Residence abroad and Citizenship, second passport ; opening of Banks Accounts , also offshore and anonymity ; Transfer Money Abroad.

PROYTEC, without presumption, can offer services that until now have been reserved for the big names of international finance and large groups.


And all services are offered at very competitive prices.


PROYTEC offers the best value for money, especially since the services have no hidden costs.



Consultancy, support and services are usually done “turnkey”.